Monica Lachowsky, DVM

Dr Monica L

Associate Veterinarian

Education: Kansas State University: College of Veterinary Medicine

Pets: Pickles, Kiwi, Wednesday

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science & Industry from Kansas State University in 2005. I received my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree also from Kansas State in 2010. I worked as a kennel attendant/assistant in my first veterinary clinic when I was 15, and then spent several years working with a parasitologist at the vet school when I was in undergrad. I had the opportunity to adopt a cat from the vet school, a big orange kitty named Butters. Butters was such a ham; he talked back if you asked him a question, he caught treats just like a dog, he loved belly rubs, and he would even follow me on walks around the neighborhood. He sadly contracted cancer and passed away in July 2015. Needless to say, my husband, Tim, and I are cat people. We also have an orange cat named Pickles who was found on the streets of Chicago. After Butters passed, we adopted a sweet black kitty named Kiwi from a great local rescue that I work with, Grassroots. Recently I fell in love with a white kitty named Wednesday and adopted her from Grassroots, too. She gets her teeth brushed every night!

Tim and I are transplants to Chicago, originally hailing from Kansas. We really like it up here, but we sure miss our families back home, particularly our nephews and our niece. In my spare time, I enjoy biking and spin classes, and I love hanging out at the pool or the beach when the weather’s nice. I’ve been blessed to work TLC First since February of 2011, and I gained an amazing mentor in Dr. Sue. We have been through so many changes – equipment upgrades, building expansion, merging with another animal hospital – it’s crazy to look back at everything that’s different, and it’s so exciting to be able to offer new services. I feel privileged to have had the time to get to know my clients over the years and see all of the puppies and kittens grow up.

Interests: Small Animal Medicine & Parasitology
Location Hours
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