Sep 06 2017

Outside Renovations – Front Sidewalk

Outside Renovations

Front Sidewalk – October 11th – 21st, 2017

This notification is to make you aware that from October 11th through the 21st TLC First Animal Hospital will be replacing the sidewalks in front of our business. We care about our clients and their furry family members so, we want to insure that the sidewalks in front of our business are kept safe and maintained in good repair. Over time the sidewalk has become defective and/or hazardous therefore, must be replaced. The sidewalk section that is being replaced have been marked with white dots and arrows.
During construction they will be removing the concrete and pouring in fresh cement. Your patience and co-operation will be appreciated, so…

The important question is; what does this mean for you?

Noise in the Front Areas of our Clinic – Oct 11th – 16th

There will be excessive noise in the front lobby and reception area. We do apologize for any disruptions during phone call communications, and while you and your pet are waiting in the lobby waiting to be seen by one of our veterinarians.

Main Entrance Closure – Oct 11th – 18th

The main entrance will be closed during this construction period. The sidewalk in front of our building will be sectioned off during the construction period. Clients will have to use our rear entrance, accessible through West Imlay Ave, located just north of the clinic. The Clinic lobby will remain in use as normal but; the front entrance will not be useable unless signage is posted stating otherwise.

Parking – Oct 11th – 21st

There will be no street parking allowed in front of the clinic during this construction period. Signs will be posted the week prior to the construction. The construction workers need the space in front of our business for their trucks and the hauling away of the old concrete. We do have a parking lot located behind the clinic. Access to our parking lot will require turning onto West Imlay Ave, then turning into the alley behind Red Apple & TLC First Animal Hospital.

We will also be expanding & Repaving our parking lot soon. Details will be published soon.

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