Keeping our staff, patients, and clients safe is our FIRST priority.

In these trying and turbulent days, we are committed to maintaining contact with our patients and clients. Our strength is our community and knowing how far we all will go towards getting ourselves along with our community and our country through this crisis. We are working on more resources and ways to help communicate with you, our clients, and your pets.

In order to best protect our staff, patients, and clients, here are the latest protocols for our clients.

    1. If you have experienced flu-like symptoms, been near someone with symptoms, or traveled outside of the state in the past 14 days – please DO NOT come to our hospital. Please send a healthy friend or family member to bring your pet or pick up food and medications. 
    2. We are implementing car side check-ins and check-outs for appointments.
    3. Emergencies and sick patients will be priority.
    4. Nail trims for difficult to handle or stressed patients will be severely limited due to less time/staffing available.
    5. We are also offering TELEMEDICINE / PHONE CONSULT services effective immediately. This is meant for the high-risk and ill persons, families quarantined due to exposure, anyone who traveled outside of the state within the past 2 weeks, or whoever cannot leave their home otherwise. Telemedicine is NOT meant for emergencies!

At this time, only staff is allowed into the hospital. The following protocols remain strictly precautionary and are effective immediately.



Our Protocol During the COVID-19 is as follows;

For Appointments:

    1. Please park in our back parking lot then call us. A staff member will come out to your vehicle to collect your pet and get your phone number.
    2. If you have a dog, please get out of your vehicle to hand off your pet. Our staff will have a slip lead and will place it on your dog.  Then we will ask you to remove your leash from your pet and return to your vehicle.  Our staff will bring your pet inside the hospital.  Do your best to maintain 6 feet of social distancing whenever possible.
    3. If you have a pet in a carrier, please place the carrier in the back seat on the passenger side so we can easily remove the carrier once a staff member comes out to your vehicle, we ask that you please open your vehicle door and we will remove the carrier and bring your pet inside the hospital.  Again, do your best to maintain 6 feet of social distancing whenever possible.
    4. A technician will then call and speak with you to discuss your pet’s history, current issue and preventative care. Sue will perform a physical exam and either a technician or Dr. Sue will call you to discuss a treatment plan.  Once your pet’s exam is complete, a technician will call you to discuss take-home instructions, medications, etc.  The technician will then transfer the call to a client care coordinator who will collect and process payment.  Finally, a staff member will bring your pet out to your vehicle.
    5. Please open your vehicle door for our staff. We will place your carrier back into your vehicle.  If you have a dog, please place your leash back on to your pet then our staff will then remove the slip leash.

For Medication and/or Rx Food Pickups:

    1. Please park in front of the hospital on Milwaukee Avenue then call us. Let the client care coordinator know you are picking up medication or food.
    2. The client care coordinator will collect payment over the phone when possible.
    3. Once payment is collected and processed, a staff member will bring your medication or food to your vehicle.
    4. Medication will be placed in a plastic bag. We ask you to open your passenger window and the bag will be placed on your seat.
    5. Please open your trunk or a back door of your vehicle and a staff member will gladly place your food into your vehicle for you.
  • Medications and food are still being filled.  Please DO NOT “Stock Up” on medications.
  • Please continue to support the Clinic by filling medications and food through the hospital’s two pharmacies. Inside our Hospital & Online
  • To assist in reducing the number of phone calls, PLEASE use your pet portal, or submit an online Rx/Food request, or call and leave a voicemail before or after hospital hours with your medication and food requests. If you haven’t heard from us by noon, please give us a call to make sure your order is ready for pickup.
  • If you do call, please be patient with longer hold times. If you get a voicemail during business hours, please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.  Again, thank you for your patience.
  • We legally cannot provide medical advice or medications for your pet if they HAVE NOT been seen by our veterinarian within the past 12 months.

We frequently clean with disinfectant several times a day all year long. Exam rooms are cleaned between each appointment and our staff already have good habits of washing hands between patients. We are taking extra precautions and have increased the frequency of disinfection as well as our deep cleaning protocols. We have mandated that if any staff is showing any symptoms, they stay home until they are cleared for work.
Since no one is sure what length of time this pandemic will last, we will take things day by day.
We will continue to keep you posted by Mass email Blasts, and by Facebook Posts, so be sure to follow us to be apprised to the changes in these policies as time goes on.
Thank you for all your support and working with us to remain open and continue to care for all your pets.

Resources for COVID-19 News

In this day and age, information is fluid, we recommend staying on top of various CREDIBLE news sources. These are some sources we’re using for our clients and their pets.